”Our garments are made for you to feel at home in so you can focus on the ride and get on with enjoying life.”

It turns out that if clothes work here, they’ll work everywhere. Up here in the far north we have four very different seasons to deal with, and we’re used to the weather playing tricks on us. Any which way you can think of. A day that began peacefully with brilliant sunshine can suddenly throw gale force winds, torrential rain and bitter cold at you. Or vice versa.

These experiences help us design and develop our clothes and materials. Our garments are made for you to feel at home in so you can focus on the ride and get on with enjoying life. In any weather.


”Motorcycles bring freedom; you leave stress and everyday worries behind you when you hit the road.”

No matter where you’re headed, we have the right clothes for you and your adventure. Whether you’re gliding through the magnificent, lonely landscape on your way to North Cape, on a weekend trip to the West Coast or negotiating hairpin bends on sunny country roads between Italian vineyards, our clothes will enhance your experience.



”On a motorcycle, the trip is the whole point. The destination doesn’t really matter.”

The road is our home from home and we believe you feel the same way. On a motorcycle, the trip is the whole point. The destination doesn’t really matter. The blacktop beneath our wheels, the slipstream on our bodies and the smells of the countryside around us. These are the things we enjoy and want to experience time and time again.

And our clothes play a crucial part in this. They must be safe, durable and supple, have the right look and precisely the functions a rider needs. No unnecessary details that get in the way. We combine top-level materials technology with traditional craftsmanship and expertise to create clothes with fantastic qualities.

Our mission is for you to enjoy safety and comfort and look good too. Why not visit one of our dealers to see and feel for yourself whether or not we’ve succeeded. We’re pretty sure you recognize quality when you see it.