To get the best out of functional clothing, it is important to dress properly from the body outwards. We recommend the layer principle:

Layer 1

You should wear polyester or wool closest to the body, or wool with Outlast®. It wicks away moisture and keeps you warm and dry. Avoid cotton as it absorbs moisture and will cool you down. Our underwear is also available in ventilated mesh for hot weather and in a range of wool weights and Windstopper for those really cold days.

Layer 2

Because the intermediate layer should insulate and regulate temperature, use fleece, polyester or wool. Avoid cotton here, too. We recommend a garment that balances temperature and counteracts sweating. In really warm weather, you can skip the intermediate layer.

Layer 3

This layer protects you from wind and water while completing the wicking of moisture away from the body. We recommend jackets and pants that use membranes.

Layer 4

In the most extreme wet and cold conditions, consider adding a fourth outer shell to protect from wind chill or wetting out of products. Once a jacket becomes wet on the outside, heat is lost quickly and the effects of wind chill become greater even when still dry on the inside. Use our WP jacket and trousers or WP suit as a perfect fourth layer. Add covers for gloves and footwear.


When we create new gear we set ourselves high standards. Our secret recipe for success is a century of craftsmanship blended with high technology. The result is motorcycle gear that’s far ahead of the pack. Just ask the motorcycle police in Sweden, England and the Czech Republic or any of the professional motorcyclists who wear our gear on a daily basis. In this section you can read all about the techniques and methods we use to keep you safe and comfortable on the road.

HI-ART® is a proprietary material developed by us. We use the material in especially vulnerable areas to increase abrasion resistance. It makes leather 200 per cent stronger and textiles no less than 500 per cent stronger. You can compare the material to cutting a piece of wood; it’s much easier to cut across the grain than with it. We are extremely proud of our invention and being alone in offering the market this solution.

A garment is never stronger than its seams. It makes no difference how good the material is if the seams split, so we take our seams very seriously indeed. Following a multitude of tests we have found a technique that provides maximum durability. We use a well-balanced stitch density; heavy-duty, hard-wearing thread with three seams in vulnerable areas, all the correct distance apart to sew our garments together.

This is a wind and waterproof membrane that keeps you dry even in the wettest, windiest weather. The material allows moisture to escape from the inside of the jacket while keeping wind and rain out.

Outlast® is a high-tech material that evens out temperatures inside a garment. While it was originally developed to protect astronauts against extreme temperature differences, the material works just as well in bike wear. The lining consists of millions of microscopic paraffin wax capsules that absorb, store and release excess heat to keep the wearer feeling comfortable out on the road.
Read more at outlast.com

Treating a garment with Teflon keeps the wearer dry and feeling fresh longer. The treatment keeps water and dirt away, and also allows a garment to dry quicker.
Read more at teflon.com

Maximum Comfort FIT technology in gloves laminates the liner and membrane with the outer shell for a perfect fit and prevents the liner from following the hand when removed.

Black leather is commonly used in bike wear. Trouble is, it gets pretty hot in the sun. Unless you use TFL Cool System – an innovation that ensures black leather does not absorb more heat than brighter materials. Once it has been treated, 80 per cent of the heat radiation is reflected away and the garment can be up to 20° C  cooler. Read more at tfl.com

Sometimes warm clothes can feel awkward and bulky, but thanks to Thinsulate our garments are light and supple, while also keeping the wearer warm. The secret behind the material is in the unique microfibres that warm up the air they allow to pass in. Read more at thinsulate.com

This product is pre-fitted with Velcro and can be complemented with a complete protection kit for jacket or pants. The CE-approved protectors come in two sizes.

The CE label shows that the product complies with an approved safety standard based on advanced testing and accident studies. Further details at www.jofama.se

The product has CE-approved protection and Velcro fasteners for easy adjustment. Jackets have shoulder and elbow armour. Pants have hip and knee armour.

If a jacket bears this symbol it has a pocket ready for our CE-approved SECURE L2 back protector.

This product has armour that achieves Level 2, the highest level according to EN 1621-1:2012. Velcro attachments for personal fit. Jackets have shoulder and elbow armour. Pants have hip and knee armour. Elbow and knee armour is designed to provide more protection on the outside.



Sometimes the unthinkable happens. It can happen to anyone. Because it’s important to have clothing that can handle the fall when an accident happens, the majority of our garments are reinforced with HI-ART® in vulnerable areas.
HI-ART® is our very own invention; it makes leather more than 200 per cent stronger and textiles more than 500 per cent stronger. Protection and assurance we alone can offer.
By turning fabric threads to face outward in the form of small loops, friction works against the short ends of the fibres. It’s like cutting a piece of wood; it’s much harder to cut with the grain.
Your safety is incredibly important to us, and thanks to HI-ART® we’re able to make an enormous difference when it comes to safety on the road. Bike wear from us is assurance for you.
Today, tomorrow and for many years to come.